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We are the result of many years of dreams and hopes.   Pio Pio is owned and operated by Danny Pain.  His number one goal is to share a little about his Peruvian culture and passion for food with Northern Virginia.

Pio Pio Peruvian Cuisine is recognized as one of the best Peruvian restaurants in the area.  In October 2018, Pio Pio Peruvian Cuisine was named the Best Peruvian Restaurant in the DMV by Gala Peru 2018.  

Danny Pain, Owner/Chef

The passion for food is the key to the success of our restaurant. Pio Pio specializes in traditional Peruvian cuisine.  Danny Pain is the chef of the restaurant and has lots of variety in his menu with many recipes inherited from his mother and grandmother. Danny’s passion is evident in each of his dishes on the menu.


The vision for the future is the continuous growth and development of our operations without forgetting our mission.   Danny Pain always stresses to his employees that the key to their continued success is maintaining the high quality of their food and service while never forgetting that the diner is the reason why the restaurant exists.  

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